Jiggidy was formed in 2015 and consists of :

Rachel Barrett (fiddle, whistle, mandolin and backing vocals). Rachel read Music at Christ Church, Oxford but became a convert to the world of folk over 5 years ago. Since then, she has also joined the Pipley Ceilidh band (with John), becoming the main melody instrument player. Rachel is a teacher and a fine pianist.

John Sandford (keyboard, ukulele and lead vocals). John has played in a variety of bands, covering both the folk tradition and other genres including popular music and prog rock. In addition to the instruments played with Jiggidy, John also plays bass guitar, accordion and bass ukulele. When not playing instruments, John also directs a choral group in Bath and a ladies choir in Corsham. John is a retired Music teacher.

Roland (the 3rd ‘member’ of the band) is an FX unit that John acquired over 7 years ago for the price of an average second hand car. Roland has since then demonstrated a remarkable ability to generate any instrument sound known to man as well as being able to play drum beats in any style and at any speed. He also tells great jokes.